Complete sets of printed GeoArabia (volume 1 to Volume 20) and its Special Publications (see list below) are available for sale with the proceeds (after shipment costs) would be donated to Medicines sans Frontiers. 


2001: Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy (P.R. Sharland, R. Archer, D.M. Casey, R.B. Davies, S.H. Hall, A.P. Heward, A.D. Horbury and M.D. Simmons)

2004: Carboniferous, Permian and Early Triassic Arabian Stratigraphy (Ed. M.I. Al-Husseini)

2005: The Desert of Southeast Arabia (K. Glennie)

2005: Stratigraphic Lexicon of Iraq (R.C. van Bellen, H.V. Dunnington, R. Wetzel, and D.M. Morton; 1959, reprinted by permission of CNRS)

2010: Barremian-Aptian Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Eastern Arabian Plate (Eds. F.S.P. van Buchem, M.I. Al-Husseini, F. Maurer and H.J. Droste)

2010: Lexicon of Oman Subsurface Stratigraphy (Eds. G.A. Forbes, H.S.M. Jansen and J. Schreurs)

GeoArabia’s Volume 20 of 2015 will be the final one to be published by Bahrain-based Gulf PetroLink (GPL), a consultancy founded in 1993 to promote petroleum geosciences and technological exchange in the Middle East.




Gulf PetroLink owns the copyright of the contents of GeoArabia, the Journal of Middle East Petroleum Geosciences, and its Special Publications that are available in this website or other websites, such as ResearchGate. These publications may be downloaded free of any charges by any party for non-commercial purposes. Unauthorized commercial use of these publicaton is strictly forbidden.

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