GeoArabia’s Volume 20 of 2015 will be the final one to be published by Bahrain-based Gulf PetroLink (GPL), a consultancy I founded in 1993 to promote petroleum geosciences and technological exchange in the Middle East. GPL entered the publishing field in 1993 when the organizing committee of the first GEO 1994 Conference invited GPL to publish the conference proceedings. GPL selected, edited and designed 78 papers in the 2-volume “GEO 94, Middle East Petroleum Geosciences” in 1995 (Editor M.I. Al-Husseini).

GeoArabia was launched a year later, in 1996, as an international quarterly journal dedicated to the publication of petroleum geoscience studies in the Middle East. Unlike the GEO 94 proceedings, GeoArabia’s papers were welcomed from the GEO 1996 conference as well as other sources. In order to improve the presentation of graphical displays and the English technical narrative, GPL assembled a team of professional editors, assistant editors and designers to process the accepted papers. Accepted papers were edited and designed by GeoArabia’s team to a standard that is unmatched in scientific journals.

Over the years many outstanding geoscience experts were nominated by oil and gas companies, societies, geological surveys, and universities to join GeoArabia’s Editorial Board. They were nominated and selected in recognition for their important contributions to the Middle East geosciences, and their support for the journal. The board members volunteered or nominated experts to review submitted manuscripts. At least two experts anonymously refereed the submissions, and recommend accepting, revising or rejecting them.

GPL via the journal GeoArabia and as the General Secretariat of the GEO conferences 2000, 2002 and 2004, facilitated professional networking and technical exchanges. As the GEO Secretariat it nearly tripled the number of presentations at these conferences and pioneered the Arabian Plate workshops.

Besides the GEO 1994 Proceedings and the 20 volumes of the journal GeoArabia, GPL published the following:

1998: Middle East Geological Map Series (L. Christian)
2000: Stratigraphic Palynology of the Palaeozoic of Saudi Arabia (Eds. S. Al-Hajri and B. Owens)
2001: Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy (P.R. Sharland, R. Archer, D.M. Casey, R.B. Davies, S.H. Hall, A.P. Heward, A.D. Horbury and M.D. Simmons)
2004: Carboniferous, Permian and Early Triassic Arabian Stratigraphy (Ed. M.I. Al-Husseini)
2005: The Desert of Southeast Arabia (K. Glennie)
2005: Stratigraphic Lexicon of Iraq (R.C. van Bellen, H.V. Dunnington, R. Wetzel, and D.M. Morton; 1959, reprinted by permission of CNRS)
2010: Barremian-Aptian Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Eastern Arabian Plate (Eds. F.S.P. van Buchem, M.I. Al-Husseini, F. Maurer and H.J. Droste)
2010: Lexicon of Oman Subsurface Stratigraphy (Eds. G.A. Forbes, H.S.M. Jansen and J. Schreurs)

For further information about GeoArabia and its special publications please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Moujahed I. Al-Husseini
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, GeoArabia

Gulf PetroLink, Kingdom of Bahrain

Gulf PetroLink owns the copyright of the contents of GeoArabia, the Journal of Middle East Petroleum Geosciences, and its Special Publications that are available in this website or other websites, such as ResearchGate. These publications may be downloaded free of any charges by any party for non-commercial purposes. Unauthorized commercial use of these publicaton is strictly forbidden.

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